Hi, I’m Chris Moorehead. I’m an experienced senior design leader with proven expertise in building, scaling, and enabling collaborative, high-performing design teams, as well as facilitating complex cross-functional product development initiatives. I build great design teams from scratch, or take existing teams and make them even better.

I am a professional engineer (P Eng) and graphic designer (RGD) with over ten years in design leadership, primarily in the cloud-based financial technology (SaaS) and management consulting industry sectors.

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Leadership Highlights

Built high-performing design teams from the ground up at two multinational accounting, consulting, and professional services firms.

Grew a small team of designers siloed by product into a significantly expanded globally distributed UX team consisting of Product Design, Design Operations, UX Research, UX Content (technical writing and documentation), and Localization (translation).

Made key team leadership hires as well as recognizing, developing, and promoting existing talent into leadership positions.

Restructured the Product Design team to improve operational efficiency, provide designers with broad cross-platform experience, and improve consistency in the look and feel of the company’s products and platforms.

Redesigned the design process framework and architecture to reduce the length of the design phase of the software development life cycle and increase collaboration with Product, Development, and industry stakeholders.

Created an entirely new UX Research competency by demonstrating the need for and value of research, and integrated continuous UX research into every stage of product development.

Developed a robust user testing program with users of Caseware products, as well as with users of competitor products.

Integrated translation memory databases into Caseware’s translation software platform, reducing text requiring manual translation by 94% and dramatically improving the quality, speed, consistency, and efficiency of every translation job.

Developed a system for career development using parallel management and individual contributor career tracks, with clear guidelines for progression and corresponding performance criteria.

Increased employee engagement across the UX team from 58% to 77% and reduced employee turnover to zero.


Chris isn’t just a leader; hes a visionary architect, meticulously crafting a design team that rivals the greats.

Sanjali Sharma, Senior UX Designer


One of Chris’ greatest strengths is his ability to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment within his team. He empowers team members to share ideas, experiment with new approaches, and push the boundaries of creativity—all while maintaining a keen focus on achieving business objectives.

Michael Tretiak, Senior UX Designer


Chris is an outstanding leader who excels in guiding a team through challenging timelines and complex product areas.

Marlene Aubin, Product Design Manager


Chris has everything one would wish for in a leader: he provides advice and guidance where needed, empowers his team members and helps them work through challenges.

Nadya Kirillova, Localization Project Manager


Chris fostered a collaborative and supportive work environment, where every team member felt valued and motivated to do their best.

Louise Bonnamy, UX Research Manager

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